Olympic Games

The children have been getting into the spirit of the Olympics. They are actively involved in Olympic themed craft and yesterday we had a successful mini Olympics and an award ceremony.

There are more activities to come so stay tuned! The photos from yesterday has been put up on the slideshow. There’s also a learning story displayed in the Dolphins room of all the activities the children have participated in since the beginning of the week.

Families, if you have any ideas or suggestions of what other Olympic themed activities we could plan for the children, please let us know.

Family Reflection Book

Dear Families,

20160804_135156_001We have a new journal placed near the sign in/out sheets in our foyer. This is designed for you to write about what our centre’s strengths are and what we can do to improve. Our goal is consistently build a strong, positive partnership with you which contributes to building a strong inclusive community within the service. The feedback provided will be used to build on our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.