Staff News

  • For further staff development, Ashley and Lisi will be swapping rooms. Ashley will be in the Crabs (2-3) room and Lisi will work with Michelle in the Dolphins (3-5) room. This is to give the girls an opportunity to work with a different age group and further develop their teaching skills. We believe our educators are highly capable of ensuring that consistency and quality of the overall program will not be affected. Your children have built a trusting relationship with all our educators, therefore this swap should not cause any major change in your child’s everyday learning at our Service.
  • We would like to warmly welcome a new staff member to our team. Shayde will be joining us as a Certificate 3 Trainee. Feel free to approach her and introduce yourselves. She will be working with Ashley in the Crabs room.
  • Joy will be away the next two weeks and Yaso will be in the kitchen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to approach Gregg or Michelle.