New Childcare Subsidy – commencing 2 July 2018

We have recently attended in service training for the new childcare subsidy commencing 2 July 2018. The government has stressed the need to have all parents registered with the mygov website NOW. The reason being that if parents delay there is a high probably that you will have difficulty assessing the system due to overload and the processing and payment of benefits will be delayed.

From our records we believe that everyone attending the centre would have met this mygov registration requirement in order to obtain immunization records and the existing Childcare Benefits and Childcare Tax Rebate.

Could we ask all Parents to check that they are registered in the mygov system asap.

In April 2018, Parents will receive additional advice from the Department of Human Services on further steps that they will be required to undertake to completed the enrolment process in order for you to gain access to the new government childcare subsidy.


Gregg Dwyer