Bookshop and Park excursion

On Tuesday, the  21st of August,  we will have another Bookshop and Park excursion!

This is the 3rd excursion for this year, so the children are very familiar with what to do: walking on the footpath, holding hands, staying with the teachers, making the roll, which are all excellent skills in preparation for school excursions in the future.

The local Children’s Bookshop (located on Hannah Street) will have a book reading for Preschoolers at 9:45am. The book reading will finish at approximately  10:15-10:30, and we will then walk to the local park which is located on the corner of Wongala Cres and Hannah St, next to Beecroft Station for a play for approximately one hour.

If your child does not attend on Tuesday, they are still invited to join us! He/She will need to be accompanied by a parent/carer.

All parents/family members are invited to join us. It would be a positive experience to spend time with your child and his/her peers and teachers.