Newsletter September 2018


Office News:

Welcome to our September Newsletter. This version highlights how we deliver play-based learning experiences that are rich in arts, literacy and mathematics.

A couple of weeks ago, three teachers from Beecroft Primary School visited our centre. We had a discussion about our school readiness program and how to facilitate our children’s transition to school. We value our partnership with the local school and believe it can help our children to maximise their potential.


Staff update:

Michelle Lee: Michelle is returning to work on Tuesday, the 2nd of October 2018.

Tamika Shore: Tamika is a Certificate III trainee that has joined the team and is working in the Dolphins room.

Lisitaate Akaveka: Lisi will complete her Diploma in mid-October 2018 and will be leaving us. Upon its completion, Lisi moved to the Parramatta area recently. We thank Lisi for her time at Beecroft Early Learning Centre and wish her well in the future.

Based on educators’ individual development plans, Tara will be stepping into the role of a Diploma Trainee in Dolphin’s room, Suzie will work with Marta in the Crabs Room and Tanya will work in the Starfish room.


Who will be your child’s educators?

Starfish Room (0-2) Liza and Tanya

Crabs Room (2-3) Marta and Suzie

Dolphins Room (3-5) Mandy, Tara and Tamika

Floater- Lisi

  • Michelle returning: 2nd of October 2018.’


Upcoming events:

Henny Penny Hatching program: From Monday, the 17th of September to Friday, the 28th of September, the children will learn about chicken hatching. We will have fertilised eggs and an incubator set in the Dolphin’s classroom. The children will be able to observe the eggs in the incubator, watch the hatching process and take care of baby chicken. Please feel free to bring your child to see the baby chicks in Dolphin’s room.

Christmas concert: The Christmas concert will be at Beecroft Primary School Hall on Monday, the 10th of December, from 6:30pm. Detailed to be provided close to the date.


Starfish News

We would like to welcome our new friends Rex, Marvel, Ava and Bowen into the Starfish room. They are all settling in very well and connecting with others. Besides, they have built a trusting and positive relationships with both their teachers, Liza and Suzie, and their peers.

Recently, we have done several projects about Fish, Ducks, Transports and Fruit picking. These projects are all based on children’s interests. We are responsive to the children’s strengths, abilities and interests. We value and build on children’s strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. In addition, we value family inputs and take them into consideration when making curriculum decisions in order to ensure that learning experiences are meaningful.

Please take your time to look at our day book and our curriculums that are documented the activities and projects that the children are engaged throughout the day. You are also feel free to look at your child’s portfolio. If you want to take the portfolio home, please talk to Liza and Suzie.

Friendly reminders

  • Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your child when arriving and put the stamp on your child’s hand.
  • Please ensure that your child has enough spare clothes of all weather in their bags throughout the week.
  • If your child has a soiled nappy when arriving in the morning, please take time to use our nappy change facilities.

The Starfish team- (Liza and Suzie)


Crabs News

Welcome Jhanvi and Henry into the Crabs room! They enjoyed meeting the other children and interacting with them and their teachers, Marta, Tanya and Tara.

The Crabs room is always filled with laughter, fun and learning. Recently, educators in crabs room have been working on foster the children’s literacy skills, physical skills and creativity.  We continued our learning on numbers and shapes. The children worked together to create ‘the very hungry caterpillar with numbers written on its body’ which helps the children recognize numbers and counting from 1 to 10. In addition, by engaging in painting with stencils, the children have been learning to recognize shapes of letters in their names.

To scaffold the children’s physical skills, we have implemented activities focusing on gross motor movements, including obstacle courses, soccer, badminton, bowling and throwing and catching the ball. Through these activities, the children were able to refine their eye-hand coordination and cooperative play.

The children actively participated in our art and craft activities. We encouraged the children to use different shapes to create a variety of objects, such as a house, a sun or a fish. By setting up free painting activities, the children were able to learn about element of arts (lines, colours, textures and space) and experiment with colour mixing.

We displayed the children’s artwork in the Crabs classroom, please take time to see your child’s works.

The Crabs team- (Marta, Tanya and Tara)


Dolphins News

Welcome Anagh, Xavier, Harriet and Margot into the Dolphins rooms. They have been very excited to make new friends and are building trusting relationship with Mandy, Lisi and Tamika.

The past few months have been filled with fun, excitement and laughter! The Dolphins have really enjoyed the activities that we have planned for them based on their interests. From the solar system to dinosaurs, from pirate day to pyjama day and from NAIDOC week to book week.  Our daily curriculum has been jammed packed with these awesome learning experiences.

The children actively participated in the science experiments. We did volcano eruption experiment, dinosaur hatching experiment, foam explosion experiment and we spread salt on wet watercolour paintings. The children were able to experiment with cause and effect as they observed the chemical reactions between baking soda and vinegar and between hydrogen peroxide liquid, dry yeast and liquid dish washing soap.

Our writing centre was a success. The children have been more interested in drawing and writing. Many can now write their name and we have been practicing the letters of the alphabet and number on a regular basis. Also, we set up several activities to encourage the children to cut with scissors. The children have picked up the skill and further developed it.  They are now cutting with a lot more confidence.

We greatly appreciate the conversations we have with our families particularly during drop off and pick up, as we are able to gain new insights that offer a richer picture about the children and know more about the family, cultural and community contexts that each child and their family brings with them. We value the photos that families have provided and contributed to our Family Tree. The photographs of children’s families not only act as a familiar comfort item for children to reaffirm their sense of belonging from one environment to the next, but also facilitates conversations with educators and their peers as they share about their family members.

All the children’s learning are documented in their portfolios. If you would like to have a look at them, please let one of the educators know and ensure the portfolios are not taken off the premises unless you have signed in the book that you will be taking it home for read.

The Dolphins team- (Mandy, Lisi and Tamika)


Thank you,

Management and Staff