Newsletter May 2018

Beecroft Long Day and Early Learning Centre

Newsletter May 2018

Staff update:

Mandy Hu: is a Diploma qualified educator that has joined the team and is working in the Dolphins room. Mandy is currently studying Bachelor of Teaching (0-5 years old) at Macquarie University, and brings new experiences to the team. Mandy lives locally with her 3-year-old son and her husband in Beecroft and has been teaching for four years.

Michelle Lee: is away from the 30th of April to the 30th of September 2018. Michelle will visit her families in Hong Kong and travel around with her families. Michelle will also visit a variety of Early Learning Centre in Honk Kong to further her skills as an educator. We are all looking forward to Michelle’ return in September with renewed inspiration and energy.


Who are your child’s educators?

Starfish Room (0-2) Liza and Suzie

Crabs Room (2-3) Marta and Tanya

Dolphins Room (3-5) Mandy and Lisi

Floater- Tara


Our Website

Please remember to look our website for upcoming incursions and dress up days. We don’t want any child missing out on these fun experiences! As we want to maintain sustainable practices, we will not be handing out paper reminders. One or two posters will be put up closer to a special event and these will be placed either in the foyer near the sign in/out sheet or on the parent information board where our menu currently is. We encourage families to get involved with what our centre has planned for the year and further engage in your child’s learning.


Starfish News

The babies are settling very well and have built a trust and positive relationship with Liza and Suzie.

The Starfish have confidently explored our classroom through crawling, standing with support and walking. Younger babies have enjoyed the tummy time improving their muscle strength. The children have also started to develop their self-identity by watching themselves in mirror.

Recently, the children have shown their interest in transports, colours and shapes. Liza and Suzie have planned a variety of activities for the children to explore and experiment with different colours and shapes.

Please have a look at our daily book that the children’s learning throughout the day are documented in. Liza and Suzie have worked on your child’s portfolio, you are always welcome to read your child’s portfolio.

Friendly reminders:

  • Please ensure that your child has enough spare clothes in their bags. Also, check the board to see if there are any dirty clothes needs to take and wash.
  • If your child has dirty nappy when arriving, please take time to use our nappy change facilities.
  • Please bring in some plastic bags.


Crabs News

Welcome Harvey, Alex, Adwit, Kieran and Rachael into Crabs room! They enjoyed meeting the other children and interacting with them and their teachers: Marta, Tanya and Tara.

The Toddlers have been busily engaged in craft every day. They were actively involved in preparing a basket full of flowers for the Mother’s Day. They also extended their knowledge about recycling as they created the Monster recycling bins with Marta. They all happily fed the Monster with paper and plastic bottles.

We have also been learning how to dance together. The children enjoyed holding their hands while dancing in circle. In addition, the children engaged playing with puzzles a lot. Marta, Tanya and Tara provided a whole range of puzzle, such as alphabets, shapes, vegetables, numbers, pets, and transport. The Crabs had an opportunity to develop and refine their fine motor skills, hand and eye manipulation and cooperative play.

Over the past few weeks, the Crabs expressed a growing interest in animals. The children began using their own creativity in the outdoor environment. They used the stepping stones as a train for the animals. We decided to create a new train for animals using the box of tissues.

Another emerging interest in the Crabs room were drawing with stencils. The educators encouraged the children to use crayons and paint to fill the stencils. We used a wide range of shapes, such as flowers, dinosaurs, shapes of geometric figures and letters.


Dolphins News

Welcome Annie and Shuxing into the Dolphins rooms. They have been very excited to make new friends and are building trusting relationship with Mandy and Lisi.

‘Where does honey come from?’ In early May, the Dolphins busily engaged in craft and learning about the bees. Mandy and Lisi read several Bees’ information books with the children during the group time. The children also got a chance to watch a short video regarding bees and beehive on our smart board. Then, the children were encouraged to make a beehive together with egg cartons. We also made honey biscuits for afternoon tea and the children were very excited and they all actively participated in this cooking experience.

Recently, the children have just started to learn about countries around the world. Based on the children’s cultural backgrounds and their interests, Mandy and Lisi will introduce a variety of countries, including Australia, China, South Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Chile and Afghanistan.  The children will participate in a variety of activities to broaden their understanding about the world they live.

Mandy and Lisi have organised a writing centre in the Dolphin’s classroom. We believe that having writing materials available encourages children to explore writing tools, building fine motor skills that are necessary for future writing. We will change out what we offer at the writing centre regularly so that the children can experience different writing tools and surface.

Please remember to bring in a drink bottle, labelled with your child’s name and ensure that all sheets and extra clothing are labelled as well. During drop-offs, please apply sunscreen on your child and put a stamp on their hand. Our program is pinned to our board in the classroom as well as a calendar with the child’s news date. Please feel free to have a look and prepare your child for their news day. We encourage children to keep their own toys at home to avoid it getting damaged or lost.



Thank you,

Management and Staff