Parent Volunteers

Contributing to the children’s program by becoming involved in simple activities such as singing, dancing and reading can provide them with a valuable experience they will learn from and treasure.

The activities could be:

    • Introducing cultural stories, songs, and art and craft activities
    • Preparing stories and helping with curriculum ideas
    • Sharing a hobby such as sports, painting, etc.
    • There is a parent volunteer folder located in the cupboard in the foyer. This folder contains many easy and simple ideas of how you can become involved.

Parental involvement is greatly appreciated, however to ensure that the program is suitable on a particular day, prior arrangements should be made with the room leaders. We encourage visits between 10am-11:00 am and help with an activity or introduce an activity.

If you would like to volunteer, please inform your child’s room leader to arrange a date. Thank you! 🙂