DSC08528Meet our Owners/Directors, Gregg and Stephanie Dwyer

Gregg has a degree in Business Management and Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Stephanie has a BSC/ Graduate Certificate on Public Health, Currently studying a Masters of Public Health

Nationality/Language spoken: Australian/ English

“We have over 25 years experience operating child care centres and we have four children of our own, ages 21 to 32.”

DSC08368Michelle Lee

Early Childhood Teacher, Nominated Supervisor & Educational Leader, Room Leader (3-5)

Nationality/ Languages spoken: Hong Kong/ English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian

“I absolutely love children. I think they are the most precious thing in the world! Being a teacher is such a privilege because I get to be involved in children’s early years where they absorb new knowledge like sponges and they’re full of curiosity and wonder. It’s so important for me to be able to feed their curiosity and set challenges to increase their hunger to learn.”

DSC08345Elizabeth (Liza) Marango

Diploma of Children’s Services, Room Leader (0-2)

Nationality/ Languages spoken:  Vanuatu/ Pedgin and English

“I have four children of my own and two extra I have looked after. It’s been such a pleasure and a blessing having them in my life. This is partly why I love working with children.”


Mandy Hu

Diploma in Children’s Services
Studying Bachelor of Teaching
Educator in 2-3 Room

Nationality/ Language spoken: Chinese/ English and Mandarin

“I really enjoy working with children because I find it rewarding helping them to grow and develop. I like the moment when I see the delightful and enjoyable faces of the children.”


Tamika Shore

Studying Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, Educator in 3-5 Room.

Nationality/Language spoken: Australian/English and German

“I love working with kids to know their personalities and help them learn through different stages of their childhood”


Tara Waugh

Studying Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, Educator in 3-5 Room.

Nationality/Language spoken: Australian/ English

“I have always enjoyed working and playing with young children. It makes me happy to see children growing and learning, in the same environment. It also gives me a great opportunity to learn more from them.”

DSC07089Suzie Hellstrom

Studying Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, Educator in 2-3 room

Nationality/Language spoken: Australian/ English

“I love working with children as I love to help them learn while having fun, and seeing their unique personalities develop through their actions and conversations with others and myself. This gives the opportunity to learn from them.”


Tanya Demlakian

Studying Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, 0-2 Room

Nationality/Language Spoken: Armenian Russian/ English

“I love working in an upbeat environment and help make a more enjoyable atmosphere for the children.”

DSC08530Joy Sacilotto

Centre’s Cook

Completed the Safe food handling & menu planning course

Nationality/ Language spoken: Australian/ English

“I like to work with young children because I get the privilege of cooking for them during their most vital developmental years. Also watching them grow.”