Beecroft Long Day Care and Early Learning Centre is well known for the variety of stimulating activities by providing hands-on experience for children in preparation for their school education. We develop their motor skills, mathematical skills and pre-reading skills through the school readiness program.

The activities do not aim directly to teach the children to read and
write but give them the necessary skills and confidence to be able to succeed at these tasks once they begin school.

DSC07925The development of positive social skills is another important aspect of our school readiness program. We focus on social skills at all times of the day through both formal and informal play situations. Encouraging children in self-help and developing listening skills are among the objectives of our group-time experiences.

Mid-year, the school-going children actively participates in a small group lesson with our Early Childhood Teacher. This involves completing literacy and numeracy worksheets, reading stories and group discussions about school. Participating in our school readiness program, it is anticipated, all children will make a smooth, confident transition to school.

All children who participate in the school readiness program will
have their progress evaluated through a variety of means including the school entry checklist, written observations and a file of their work samples. These will be used to determine each child’s strengths and development and assist educators in planning suitable activities. While it is anticipated that the children who are in their final year of care before school will be the ones who are most actively engaged in the “preschool readiness program”, ALL children at the Centre, regardless of their age, are preparing for school (and what comes after). It is the individual child’s own timeline of development which will determine the exact time, place and mode of which this involvement will take.

Towards the end of the year, our Early Childhood Teacher holds parent-teacher meetings with parents of the children transitioning to school. A transition to school statement is completed by the teacher and parent then sent off to the child’s school accordingly. This document creates a link between our Centre and your child’s school, allowing their future kindy teacher to gain insight into who your child is and their strengths and abilities.