Parent Information

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Information Board

We have an information board at the entrance of our centre. The posters and messages on there is for you to read and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the centre. There is a poster of the children’s current interest in each of the classrooms, a note requesting for parent volunteers, and upcoming events happening within the month. We want all the children to be part of the exciting events that happen in the Centre and would really appreciate the time you take to get involved. Please help us ensure your child does not miss out.

Arrival and Departure

To ensure your child’s safety, we require that you (or another authorised adult over 18 years of age) accompany your child into the Centre. Sign you child in upon arrival with time noted. Inform educators if:

  • You are going to be away from your place of work or home for the day, and leave a direct contact telephone number for a medical  emergency.
  • Someone different is collecting your child (if this person is not on your child’s enrolment form, we will need this in writing)
  • Your child is unwell or has been sick
  • Your child requires medication throughout the day
  • Your child has been given medication at home within the past 24 hours
  • Your child is teething
  • You are aware of anything that might have happened/ or is planned that we should know about to ensure we meet your child’s needs.

To ensure your child’s safety, we require that you (or another authorised adult over 18 years of age) accompany your child into the Centre. Sign you child out on departure with time noted. Before you leave, inform an educator of your child’s departure.

If someone other than the authorised person (as indicated on file) is to collect your child, the Centre must be notified in writing. Children will be released to authorised persons only. Photo ID must be shown before a child will be permitted to leave the Centre with a person unknown to staff. All authorised persons collecting children must be 18 years or older.

Note: It is a legislative requirement that your child is signed in and out of the Centre.

Late Collection

The Centre closes 6:00pm each night. To enable this to occur, parents should arrive at least 15 minutes before that time to collect the child, sign-out, gather any personal belongings, and perhaps have a brief chat with educators.

A late fee of $30 for the first 15 minutes of part thereof and $1 per minute after that applies for children collected after 6:00pm (by the Centre’s clock). Parents will be giving a Late Fee Form to sign upon arrival at the Centre. Payment of any late fee is due the following week.

Emergencies do occur and the Centre understands this In such an event, parents may be delayed and asked to advise the Centre well before closing time.

If your child is still at the Centre at 6:00pm and we have not heard from you, we will take the following steps (in order):

  1. Attempt to contact you at home, work or school
  2. Call the people listed on your child’s Enrolment Form as ‘Emergency Contacts’ and authorized to collect your child
  3. Call the Police Department to advise them of the situation and consult on what action to take
  4. Inform the Department of Education and Communities (DECS)

Parent Complaints

If you have a complaint, please fill in a form found in the Starfish Room next to our communication box or have a chat with one of friendly educators. If needed our director will be happy to discuss any issues and hopefully resolve them with you. Thank you.

Childcare Benefit and Tax Rebate
All families need to apply to Centre link for these benefits and provide the centre in writing with the CRN numbers for the child and claiming parent. We urge parents to provide these details ASAP as experience has shown that information provided at a later date results in unnecessary administration by the centre and will incur a $50 administration fee.


Please remember that each time you update your child’s immunization, you should also notify the centre by bringing in your blue (Baby health) book for us to photo copy. By doing this, your child will not be unnecessarily excluded from care in the case of a communicable disease outbreak in the centre.

Change of details

We understand that when some of your contact details change it may be difficult to remember to notify all the various people about the change. Make sure, however, that informing your child care centre is on the top of your list when these changes are made. It is very important that we are able to contact you in the case of an emergency. Please fill out a ‘change of details form’ located in the Starfish Room, and place it into the communication letterbox.

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