About Us

We have taken all the measures to ensure the Centre is providing an inclusive and friendly environment for children, parents and staff.

At our Centre, our policies reflect not only our intention to provide high quality care for the children who have been entrusted to us, but also our commitment to be supportive to the parents.

Nappy Change Area
Nappy Change Area

We provide all nappies, hats, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, standard milk, bedding, towels and sunscreen.






The only items we ask you to provide are the following:

  • Infants’ formula (we do not provide formula due to the large number of verities available and the limited shelf life once opened)
  • Bottles with your child’s name clearly marked.
  • Dummies with your child’s name clearly marked
  • A special blanket or comforter toy if your child uses one
  • Two changes of clothes
  • Any milk other than cow’s milk
  • Bed linen (Fitted sheet and a blanket placed into a cloth bag or pillowcase)
  • A piece of fruit to be shared with the other children at morning tea and afternoon tea

If you have any queries about the above items or about any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling our office during business hours or by sending an enquiry through the Contact Us page in this website. We also have an open-door policy which allows for families to visit the centre between 10am-11am, without an appointment. One of our educators will be available at this time to show you around.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday

7:30am- 6:00pm

We are closed on all NSW Public Holidays and for 2 weeks over Christmas/ New Year

Rooms and Groups

The centre is licensed for 34 children per day split up in the following groups:

Starfish (0-2)

7-9 children per day

2 Educators

Crabs (2-3)

7-11 Children per day

2 Educators

Dolphins (3-5)

15-19 children per day

2 Educators

Sun Smart

We are a SunSmart centre, enforcing the SunSmart Policy to minimise skin cancer risk and help with vitamin D. The policy will also assist in addressing duty of care and health and safety responsibilities for staff and children.

This SunSmart policy provides guidelines to:

  • Ensure all children, educators and staff have some UV exposure for vitamin D.
  • Ensure all children, educators and staff are well protected from too much UV exposure by using a combination of sun protection measures during the daily local sun protection times (issued whenever UV levels are 3 and above).
  • Ensure the outdoor environment is sun safe and provides shade for children, educators and staff.
  • Ensure children are encouraged and supported to develop independent sun protection skills.
  • Support duty of care and regulatory requirements.
  • Support appropriate OHS strategies to minimise UV risk and associated harms for educators, staff and visitors.


We are a NUT-FREE Centre. Due to a high number of allergy children, we kindly remind you that outside food and drinks are not to be brought into the Centre. For birthdays, we encourage families to bring a cake in to celebrate however please ensure that the cake completely nut-free and does not have small fruit that may be a choking hazard. Thank you!

Open Door Policy

Families who are considering enrolling their child at our Centre are welcomed to come in between 10-11am. This ensures that one of our friendly educators are available to show them around. No appointment required.